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An Agro Commodities Trader & Private Label, Contract Manufacturing Consultancy

Our Focus Is On Delivering Quality Products To The World

Agro-Commodities trading

We Source The Best Quality Agro Commodities And Ship Them Around The World

TDi’s trade division supplies a wide range of Agro commodities to our customers from approved suppliers around the globe. We are a physical trader of agro-commodities.

We works with our strategic partners, to deliver goods and services in a timely and cost effective manner. 

We place strong emphasis on adding value in the food industry supply chain with our market knowledge, robust quality assurance criteria and exceptional customer service and logistics support.

Our discount retail own/ private label products consultancy spans the globe, sourcing/ providing food and variety discount retail products that are guaranteed to work in achieving set business goals. A growing number of companies are aware of this fast-growing segment. We help investors, discounters, retailers, and FMCG manufacturers to grow their business in the highly competitive retail industry.

delivering on your brands

We Consult On Private Label, Contract Manufacturing, Co-Packing For Retail Sector.

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We understand our customers, their needs, the challenges they face and the ever-changing marketplace in which they operate. Through understanding and collaborative, partnership based, relationships we apply our expertise to help our customers achieve their goals.

Our Focused Few UK Companies For Own Brand