Company Profile


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TDi is structured into 2 divisions which supply the entire spectrum of products and services internationally.

  • FMCG  For The Retail Sector
  • Private Label, Contract Manufacturing/ Co Packing

TDi brings bold and innovative, strategic thinking to each project. Whether you are looking to purchase agricultural commodities or wanting your own private label under contract manufacturing,  we’ll assist every step of the way. From all aspect of your desired end product; design, branding, costing and logistics, all will be taken care of. If you are looking to expand to new markets or source products from overseas or locally, we have the expertise, international networks, and market insights to make it happen. No matter what your business needs, we’ll respond with the fire of a start-up, fuelled by years of global experience.

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Global Supplier Network

TDi has dedicated many years developing relationships and a global network of high-quality suppliers across the globe. These global partnerships allow us to offer a range of products and commodities from various countries of origin and across all four seasons. TDi’s suppliers are leaders in their respective fields who possess state-of-the art facilities and immense technical experience.

Distribution Network

Over the course of many years, TDi has established a strong presence across the Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Our delivery systems and logistics team manage an efficient supply chain for our customers, ensuring timely deliveries and peace of mind.
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