Corporate Social Responsibility

Our committed to work with the highest ethical standards.

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TDi is committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing of products and services, across all business segments. The company focuses and monitors best practice standards to ensure that employees embrace the sustainability guidelines.

As global attention shifts increasingly towards environmental and humanitarian issues, such as climate change and labour market diversification, TDi has developed Sustainability Guidelines and tools for its trading activity. These guidelines are to support both TDi’s commitment to sustainability and its strategy to grow the business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Environmental Protection

TDi is committed to working with suppliers to address climate change risks and to ensure that they are operating in accordance with internationally agreed climate action plans.

Sustainable Sourcing

The fact that production and transportation of food can negatively contribute to climate change, is a key sustainability issue. TDi’s strategy is to source raw materials from eco-friendly source, and to work with ethical suppliers who favour production methods that minimise the carbon footprint.

Labour Rights

TDi aims to empower local farmers and producers, and enable them to work in safe and fair working conditions. TDi believes that when farmer’s rights are protected at a root level, local agriculture and food production will ensure stable and plentiful agricultural production at a global level, ultimately also contributing to increased food security.

Health And Safety

Employees have the right to a healthy and safe work environment. TDi strives to ensure that all work hazards are identified and rectified in a prompt manner