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Whole Grain - Wheat

The Variety

There is a wide variety of wheat grown today. However, wheat is mainly classified as follows:

  • Medium hard bread wheat : This is a standard mill quality wheat. Medium grain size and appearance, medium hard. Wheat flour is suitable for non-fermented flat Indian bread like chapati, naan and tandoori.
  • Hard bread wheat : Bold and lustrous grain. It is suitable for a variety of fermented and non-fermented breads. The bread quality is high. Wheat flour used in making of bread, burgers, etc
  • Soft bread wheat : Yellowish/white grain, it is suitable for biscuit making, doughnut, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.
  • Durum wheat : Large and hard kernel, vitreous grain. It contains semolina, which is when mixed with water, forms a dough. This dough used in making of pasta, noodles, spaghetti, etc.

Feeding Wheat

protein +/- 10% ;

gluten – up to 19% ;

falling number +/- 680-730 g/l ;

moisture +/- 14% ;

impurity +/- 2% ;

Milling Wheat #3

mass fraction of protein – 11,50 – 12%

mass fraction of gluten – 19-23%

test weight – 750 g/l 

moisture – 13% max

impurity – 2% max

grain admixture – 4% max

Milling Wheat #2

mass fraction of protein – 12,50……13.50%

mass fraction of gluten – 25….27%

test weight – 750-770 g/l

falling number – 280 sec (min)

impurity – 1,4%

Please Note:

  • Minimum order is > 25mt. Can be supplied in big bags or in bulk. Private label also available. 
  •  We can supply in container and by a vessel according to buyer orders.