Wheat Flour

Types of wheat flour

We are able to produce various wheat flour types. These flours can be produced according to customer specification. The wheats that are used for producing a variety of different types of flours: –

  • Medium hard bread wheat : This is a standard mill quality wheat. Medium grain size and appearance, medium hard. Wheat flour is suitable for non-fermented flat Indian bread like chapati, naan and tandoori.
  • Hard bread wheat : Bold and lustrous grain. It is suitable for a variety of fermented and non-fermented breads. The bread quality is high. Wheat flour used in making of bread, burgers, etc
  • Soft bread wheat : Yellowish/white grain, it is suitable for biscuit making, doughnut, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.
  • Durum wheat : Large and hard kernel, vitreous grain. It contains semolina, which is when mixed with water, forms a dough. This dough used in making of pasta, noodles, spaghetti, etc.

Typical Soft Wheat Flour Specs.

Moisture, %:    ≤ 15.0

Wet Gluten, %:   ≥ 24

Ash, %:  ≤ 0.55

Protein, %:    ≥ 10

Whiteness:  ≥ 54

Falling Number:  ≥ 250

Sifting Specifications:  ≤ 5%, tissue #43

Shelf Life:  12 Months



We offer standard packaging in in polypropylene bags as we well as bespoke packaging in various different weights i.e. 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg etc.

Private label service available on request.

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