International Trade Specialist For The Retail & Hospitality Sectors


Are you looking to launch a  Private Label Product? TDi can support you with a vast array of already tested products and services to meet your budget needs. From product sourcing, design, packaging, packing to introducing your brand to the vital supply chain; we are help to assist you.

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Trade Desk International assists companies and clients from various industry sectors to strategically plan and implement their global sourcing, procurement, and contract manufacturing requirements as well as introduce already manufactured products to the potential markets. 


From independent retailers to retail chains, restaurants, and hotels to supermarkets, DIY stores to discounted stores, we can supply you with Private Label Products. Using our expertise, we can help provide you with a solution from an initial idea to the finished product through our selected partners.


Our professional consultants have over 90 years of cumulative business knowledge and expertise. Collectively they provide insight and guidance to help mitigate the challenges and complexities of sourcing, procurement, and contract manufacturing. 


Halal and Kosher foods are part of our extensive range of manufactured products and conform strictly to industry-recognized standards and practices. 


Using our vast array of resources, we can provide you with competitive contract packing facility in UK as well as other parts of the world. Short runs and quick turn arounds are available.


State of the art
Icecream manufacturing facility in Europe ready for   manufacturing under your own label.

Minimum investment £5k

We currently have icecream production lines in EU conforming to international standard as well as being Halal & Kosher. Ready for you to supply supermarkets and chains across the world. These are both catering or retail products as your very own private label. Terms and conditions apply.

… more choices of contract manufacturing for your own brand. 

Start your own brand from as little as £5k

Apparel & Textiles
Frozen Meats & Veg
Nuts & Confectionery
Spices, Lentils & Oils
Our story

How To Meet That Special Someone

Trade Desk International have expertise in providing goods and services to the retail and hospitality sectors worldwide. We here at TDi have a great team that are specialist in addressing the needs of your business. Whether you are looking to expand your presence to other countries or simply want to add value items to your retail or hospitality outlets – TDi can take care of it all. We can manufacture, source or improve your own brand of products as well as help your business to take it to the next level. We conform to international standards on contract manufacturing.

Our philosophy

Integrity, Cost, Quality and Equality.

We at Trade Desk International believe that trust is earned only by working in a transparent manner and consistantly delivering on promises. We are constantly looking around the world for new products and markets that combine to produce greater results for all the stakeholders. 

We know and understand that in order to meet our clients’ needs, we must work with integrity and our products must be of the highest quality, whilst at the same time being cost effective and competitive. We pride ourselves on our extremely high standards of produce used, customer service and hygiene.

We continue to look at ways to enhnace our philosophy and ensure that our working practices, products and services are at the forefront of this always involving marketplace.   

One of the cornerstones of our company philosophy is ‘Fair Price’ to our suppliers, associates and partners around the world. This policy enables everyone to work towards achieving the business objectives.